New Covers

I am so excited!! I got some new covers made for the book and the best of all!! I have Manu!! I really like how the artist made Manu. Of course I got the input from my nephews – one gave me his photo and the other told me how he would like Manu to look like. It really has been my nephews and mine team effort to get it all done.

The images are being designed. As soon as I am happy with them, I will start my publishing with Amazon. Slowly but surely things are moving…..

One Year Later

So it has been one year since I blogged about my dear Manu. I have been on a hiatus as I was busy at work and then teaching over summer. I think it is time to promote Manu. So yet again for Christmas I am setting a deal if you buy 10 or more books. Manu and the Hunt for the Treasure makes a great gift for kids of the age group 6-12. You can download an ebook from Amazon or buy a printed book from me!

You can find us on Facebook (Manu’s Adventures). Like our page there!! This time I promise not to leave Manu alone for so long…