So I am starting a new website for my Manu.  He is the character and hero of all my books. I want this book to be the favorite book of all books of children and maybe also adults. 

I created Manu to be a good young man with good character and high morals.  He values life and has a general desire to help anyone in need.  Because he did not have any immediate family he values friendships and relationships. But because he has lived alone during his early childhood he has developed a sense of independence and self confidence which sometimes gets him into danger situations but his genuinely good character enables him to get out of those situations.

Being a chemist by profession, I tried to have some science in all my books.  Manu believes in the respecting nature and all living beings in all the books.  The potions and magic he acquired during his adventures could be real sometime in future.

The books are designed to generate curiousity, question situations, learn to believe in oneself, develop a helpful nature and in general have an adventrous outlook.

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