I was eligible for sabbatical this year after working for seven years at Palm Beach State College. There was no way I was going to miss it! I prepared for it all of 2016 and then enjoyed the sabbatical in 2017.

It was all really enjoyable. My main goal was to teach in a foreign place, which I did (India - yes - its foreign to me!). My second goal was to travel - which also I did! I went to Thailand, Germany and Austria. My sabbatical was the spring semester of 2017. I came back to USA my mid May and did what I usually do in summer, teach at Capital University and visit with family.

These pages are primarily about my experiences of the teaching part my sabbatical. I have tried to cover all aspects of the two and half months I lived at Subharti University. 

  • About my Sabbatical Goals
  • About Subharti
  • My Schedule
  • The Workspace
  • My Students
  • Assessment Experience (Exams)
  • My Colleagues
  • The Administration
  • How it was to Live on Campus
  • My Daily Schedule
  • The Food of India
  • Final Thoughts of my Experience