Manu now lives in the castle with his new family. He is learning new things and enjoying his childhood. One day he starts to read a book, which, unknown to him, is a magical book. He is transported into a journey in a forest where he meets animals, birds and a dwarf. He realizes he has to save someone, but who? There is a sorcerer who has trapped this person. Can he get past the sorcerer to save this someone?

Teaching Moments


  • We should read books.
  • Be observant.
  • Be creative.
  • Be brave to help others.
  • Learn to think on your feet.
  • Try to follow rules.

Science Moments

  • The value of forest in our lives
  • The life of animals in the forest.
  • The chemicals in plants.

Book Two Characters

  • Manu
  • The Elephant/Oli
  • The Parrot/Mitthu
  • The Dwarf
  • Simi
  • The Sorcerer