Manu and Maya get kidnapped by pirates! They don't know where they are going; all Manu knows is that the captain of the pirate ship is looking for a hidden treasure. The captain develops a liking for Manu after Manu is able to help him find the first clue. But Manu knows that the captain is not reading the clues well and will keep Manu and Maya on the ship forever. Is Manu able to figure out where the treasure is? Did he and Maya escape the pirates?

Teaching Moments


  • We should always tell adults of our plan.
  • Be observant.
  • Be obedient where the need is, but learn when to stand up for yourself.
  • Learn to think on your feet.

Science Moments

  • How certain fires can show certain colors.
  • Sounds can have certain effects.
  • Think critically to come up with solutions.

Book Three Characters

  • Manu
  • Maya
  • The Capitaan
  • Heera
  • The dolphin