Manu is living happily in a castle. One day he finds an injured bird. He takes the bird to be healed by a doctor. When the bird is healed she tells him the story of her place in the clouds - "Airialis". The clouds are in danger because a wizard is making potions that cause less clouds to be formed, where Airialis is located. She asks for Manu's help in locating this wizard, because he has magical powers and the birds are not strong enough to handle it. Manu flies to the clouds with the bird to go to Airialis to help them. He needs to find a red ruby and magic water. Does he find these things? Is he able to find the wizard and destroy his magic? Can he save Airialis?

Teaching Moments


  • We should help injured animals.
  • Be brave to help others.
  • Don't give up in the middle; see your task through.
  • Learn to compromise.

Science Moments

  • The value of atmosphere in our lives.
  • Survival of birds in sky.
  • The science of lightening.

Book Four Characters

  • Manu
  • Mina
  • Lucia
  • The Wizard