Manu, a young boy, lives without a family and works with a carpenter to make his living. He wishes for a life like all other kids have, where he could belong to a family and just go to school and learn. One day he goes to cut wood in the forest when a tree tells him that there is a treasure that Manu could get so he can live the life he wants. Manu’s adventure is set by the hunt for that treasure. Was the treasure there, as the tree had told Manu? Does Manu encounter any dangers during his quest? Does Manu find the treasure?

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Teaching Moments


  • Trees are important in our lives and the lives of various animals.
  • There is also a world under water.
  • One should not be afraid of the dark.
  • Be brave to protect oneself.
  • The importance of developing good memory.
  • Learning to be patient.
  • Always keep your goal in mind.
  • Give simple and good answers.
  • Be helpful.

Science Moments

  • Environment – the importance of trees in our lives
  • The existence of the aquatic life.
  • Phosphorescence - glow in the dark.
  • Density – the light and heavy stones.

Book One Characters

  • Manu
  • The Tree
  • The Fish
  • The Old Man
  • The Dolphin
  • Naag
  • Maya