Manu wants to learn about making potions. So he and his friend, Simi, go back to Rushi to learn about magic potions. During their stay there they learn that a number of kids have been kidnapped. A king kidnapped them to get the potion for immortality. It falls on Manu and Simi to help find the kids and free them. They need four keys to unlock the chamber where the kids and the potion are kept. The keys have been hidden in four different places. Manu and Simi will have to travel to the forests and to the mountains to find one key after another until they find all. Do they find all the keys? Are they able to free the children and stop the evil king from becoming immortal?

Teaching Moments


  • Discipline.
  • Learning to solve puzzles.
  • Thinking creatively.
  • Be brave.

Science Moments

  • Invisible ink.
  • Learning botany.
  • Identifying plants and taking out oil.

Book Seven Characters

  • Manu
  • Simi
  • Sancho
  • Rushi
  • Naag