Manu's helpful nature continues in this book when he tries to help Nisha, who he found in the Wish Cave, to get back to her home in Mermia. This adventure takes Manu to lands far away from home. He dives deep into dark waters to look for the pearl that will help get Nisha back home. His search takes him to a good witches’ home from where he goes on to different cities to find Nisha.

Teaching Moments


  • Help others as much as you can.
  • Finish what you started.
  • Don't tell everyone everything.

Science Moments

  • Solving puzzles and making connections.
  • Life under water when there is no oxygen in the water.
  • Using chemicals to breath under water.
  • Learning to read maps.

Book Six Characters

  • Manu
  • Aaru
  • Kunsh
  • Vizir
  • Rushi
  • The Fairy
  • Nisha