Manu's adventures are all about a young boy who does not have a family and works for a carpenter to make his living. He wishes for a life like all other kids where he can just go to school and learn and not have to work.
In the first of the Manu's adventure, Manu goes on his first adventure to look for a treasure that will help fulfill his dream of learning. Will he get the treasure? 
In his next adventures Manu gets to travel the world, encounters pirates, learn how to fly and so much more.
The series are for children of ages 6-12.  They are written to cater to the children's imagination and spirit of adventure.  The language of the books is simple, the characters are interesting and from all over the world and of all species.  There are magicians and fairies, friends and dragons.  Read the books.....go into the world of adventure with Manu.  
The first book is published and available commercially. I am still looking to publish the other seven books. Hopefully they will be out soon!!