I am a chemistry professor at a state college in USA. I wrote my first story in 2010 for my two nephews, ages 5 and 7. They loved Manu, the main character, so much that I was inspired to write seven more adventures of Manu for them. This is my first story to be published. I hope other children will also enjoy Manu’s adventures as much as my nephews have.

In my full time job I am a chemistry professor. I love teaching - I am constantly changing and learning new things about chemistry and about teaching. I have created many teaching resources for my students to learn chemistry. I maintain my web pages for general chemistry and organic chemistry.

I have also created a YouTube channel for my lectures. The link is for the channel where all the lectures are arranged according to topics. It has been a time consuming work, but very rewarding for me; and useful for my students.

When I am not working on my chemistry work and writing Manu stories, I write my Blog. It is about my travels; my experiences in life with events and people; and my general opinion about living life.

Speaking of travels - I love traveling! I am trying to create a sort of travel journal of my travels through my Travel page.

  • One such travel log I have created is for a trip I took to India where I was a faculty leader for a group of 12 students/faculty on their one week experience in India. It was part of Global Citizenship Program through Shenandoah University. We traveled to Mumbai and then on to Surat and back. (GCP - India)
  • The other trip I have written extensively on my blog is my trip to Kailash, which is in Tibet and one has to travel via Kathmandu, Nepal. It was a very memorable trip in more than one ways. Read it all here!
  • Eventually there will be pages for Hawaii, Peru, Egypt, Jordan, Brazil, Czech and Slovak Republic and Cambodia. And not to mention my two trips to India which were a mix of family visit and tourism. I have traveled around USA and Canada also - the pages will come - eventually.